How do I join?

Creative ways taekwondo is open to everyone. 

Your first 2 lessons are free, this is so you can see if the club is going to be right for you or your child. 

After the 2 free lessons you will need to decide if you wish to continue training.

If you decide to join then you will be sent an online link to sign up to the club, set up a direct debit form and purchase the insurance you require to attend. 

Insurance is £27.00 per year, unless you are an unlimited member for 12 month’s consecutively, in which case the insurance is renewed automatically at no extra charge.  

Essentially you just need to let us know you’re planning to take part in your two free trial lessons and we go from there. If you decide it’s not for you, no problem. It’s completely understandable that Taekwondo does not appeal to everyone, or our club hasn’t had the impact you were expecting.


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