When do I need to get a uniform?

This is a question I get asked a lot. 

Some children want everything straight away, a uniform, kick pad so they can practice at home. 

We understand it’s expensive when you children start a new hobby. Already you’ve had to purchase insurance for £27.00 to start off with & now they want a uniform. 

We always say, you don’t have to get a uniform until your first grading. The gradings are usually 3 – 4 months apart, this will give them plenty of time to make sure they are going to continue to enjoy Taekwondo & stick at it. 

Some parents will just purchase it with no questions asked, but then 4 or 5 weeks later their child has given up, this way they have wasted their money. 

We’d recommend to wait 4 weeks, this should give you enough time & have attended enough lessons to see if they are going to stick at it. 

Everyones situation is different though so it’s entirely up to you. If you are purchasing because you don’t want your child to feel like they’re the one left out, or going to be teased about it, then don’t worry. We make it very clear in the lessons, uniform or not – everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. 


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